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Foire du livre francfort
The Festival of Lights around the World
Lyon’s Festival of Lights shines beyond the city itself! It inspires other international cities representing a moment of unity for ex-patriated Lyonnais the world over.
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10 ans
ONLYLYON is already 10 years old!
In 2007, Lyon launched the first regional marketing initiative in France: ONLYLYON was an idea that originated with 13 institutional and economic partners who aimed to make Lyon one of the top 20 European cities with an international reputation.
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Choose Lyon. Only Lyon
“You only live once… Choose not to compromise”: ONLYLYON’s new communication campaign
“You only live once…Life is about making choices, not compromising on things.” For its 10th anniversary, the ONLYLYON brand is repositioning itself with no compromises, based on a simple idea: while Lyon is described time and time again as the ideal “middle ground”, in reality the city enables everyone to blossom in all areas, to live their lives to the fullest. Thus, it is anything but a tradeoff: it is the choice of freedom and fulfillment.
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Hotel de Ville illuminé
Frankfurt Book Fair : France as guest of honour !
From 11 to 15 October 2017, France is the guest of honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair, the most important publishing event for professionals working in books and for the entire publishing world.
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30ème Edition Jacques Cartier
Entretien Jacques Cartier: 30th edition in Montreal
The 30th edition of the Entretiens Jacques Quartier, which were directly inspired by Franco-Quebec relations, will take place on 16 -18 October 2017, in Montreal.
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Institut Franco Chinois
China in Lyon's air
Lyon will consolidate its ties with China throughout the last quarter of 2017 as it hosts numerous international events, as well as a visit to China.
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Floating Words
Lyon 14th Biennale Festival of Contemporary Art
From September 20th 2017 to January 7th 2018, Lyon 14th Biennale Festival of Contemporary Art will take you on a journey to discover "Floating Worlds", an exhibition that brings together the work of over 60 artists from 27 countries!
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