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Entretien Jacques Cartier: 30th edition in Montreal

The 30th edition of the Entretiens Jacques Quartier, which were directly inspired by Franco-Quebec relations, will take place on 16 -18 October 2017, in Montreal.

Entretien Jacques Cartier: 30th edition in Montreal

Organised by the Centre Jacques Cartier, this annual event, which takes place in Lyon and Montreal alternately, presents an opportunity to strengthen economic, academic and cultural ties between the twin cities.

This year, some twenty conferences and interdisciplinary events will take place, facilitating exchanges between the key actors in academia, research and culture of both cities. This will be the perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs from France and Canada to share their experiences and to develop partnerships.

The themes of this 30th edition include: health and life sciences, mobility and smart cities, energy and sustainable development, as well as entrepreneurship, digital innovation, and virtual reality, to name a few.

Centre Jacques Cartier Created in 1984, the Centre Jacques Cartier is the agency for international cooperation between the province of Quebec and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, and their economic capitals Montréal and Lyon. The centre’s purpose and objective is to unite its public and private partners to optimise networking in innovation, and to accelerate the economic opportunities, as well as the influence and attractiveness of the two regions.


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