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International and digital, Lyon hosts The Web Conference 2018

The 27th edition of Web Conference will take place on 23-28 April 2018 at Lyon’s conference centre (Centre de Congrès). This edition’s theme is “Bridging natural and artificial intelligence worldwide” with Web professionals from around the world invited.

International and digital, Lyon hosts The Web Conference 2018

Lyon, France’s second largest digital hub, will host the 27th edition of The Web Conference, formerly known as the World Wide Conference, from 23 to 28 April at the Centre de Congrès. This annual event brings researchers developers and users together to share their passion for the Web and all it brings.


Centre De Congrès De Lyon Nicolas Robin 1

It has three objectives:

-          to present ongoing international scientific research

-          to encourage exchanges between web specialists

-          to anticipate the future of the web and the consequences for society.  

The 27th Web Conference is organised by Université de Lyon, with the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Regional Council and Lyon Métropole in collaboration with Digital League and IW3C2. It includes 28 workshops, 19 tutorials and 30 demos, and presents the opportunity to debate and learn about the future of the Web, its evolution, and the potential impact on companies and the market.


Several organisations such as: Lyon French Tech, W3CInriaRenater, Imaginove and Cuisine du Web also helped to organise this event.

The WebConference is part of Lyon Métropole’s European and international visibility strategy. For David Kimelfeld, President: "This event represents another opportunity to promote Lyon on the international scene", by showcasing Lyon’s technological prowess and culture.

This is the second time Lyon has been selected to host The WebConference. In 2012, it hosted WWW, which was a huge success.


“Bridging natural and artificial intelligence worldwide”

Three speakers will address this theme in three main conferences and two round tables:

-          Subject: “The Good Web – some challenges and strategies to realise it” with Luciano Floridi of the University of Oxford

-          “Artificial intelligence” with Ruhi Sarikaya of Amazon

-          “Web Privacy and Security: The User Experience” with Lorrie Faith Cranor of Carnegie Mellon University

There will also be a a special focus on “The Web and health”  web technologies, standards and their implementation.

Lyon Métropole will be present on the ONLYLYON stand, to welcome participants to three conferences on bIoTpeneurosciences and MesInfos (my data). There will also be a presentation of the region’s digital strategy, gastronomic events, and retro gaming, as well as an informational tour.

This 27th edition will draw to a close on 28 April. However you can take part in related discussions until 21 December 2018 at Webcome de Lyon.

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