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ONLYLYON is already 10 years old!

In 2007, Lyon launched the first regional marketing initiative in France: ONLYLYON was an idea that originated with 13 institutional and economic partners who aimed to make Lyon one of the top 20 European cities with an international reputation.

ONLYLYON is already 10 years old!

10 years later: it has paid off!

In just one decade, Lyon has established itself in various French and international rankings across a broad range of categories, highlighting the city's strengths in fields as diverse as quality of life, economic and entrepreneurial dynamism, cultural and touristic vitality and student life. The city became one of the top 15 and then one of the top 10 flagship European cities by contributing the enhancement of its own attractiveness and image.

The success of the initiative has largely been due to the very Lyonnais ability of its stakeholders to unite around a common goal, that of promoting Lyon’s international reputation.

ONLYLYON - a successful brand for regional attractiveness

When the initiative was launched, the priority was put on media campaigns aimed chiefly at promoting awareness of the city within France and around the world. To complement these initial measures, a great number of local representatives - founders, partners and Ambassadors - were called into action at the same time. By taking ownership of the brand they were able to help make ONLYLYON a powerful tool in terms of brand awareness and the region’s image.  

These initiatives were quickly followed by a press relations campaign. The digital universe and social networks were then targeted in order to raise awareness and improve the density of advisory and influencing networks. With over 2 million fans on social networks (making Lyon one of the most influential cities in the field), 250 articles on Lyon in the international press per year (compared with 4 when the programme was launched!) and nearly 25,000 Ambassadors, 4,000 of which are based abroad, the ONLYLYON brand has achieved its goals and has set out a clear vocation: to enhance Lyon's attractiveness to different external targets (investors, tourists, students, company directors etc.) and to boost the pride and sense of belonging of those who live here.

10 years after its launch, ONLYLYON is universally heralded as an exemplary and innovative marketing initiative, whose deployment has contributed to effective cooperation amongst local stakeholders, a key lever for regional success. The pioneering initiative is now supported by around thirty public and private partners who share the common aim of developing the reputation and attractiveness of Lyon and its region throughout the world.

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