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The New York Times chooses Lyon as one of the world’s top 50 places to go in 2019

Great news to start the year: Lyon has joined the New York Times’ prestigious annual international selection of 50 places to go in 2019. Coming in at number 36 out of 52, Lyon is the first French city in the 2019 selection, and ranks ahead of cities such as Los Angeles, Perth and Hong Kong.

The New York Times chooses Lyon as one of the world’s top 50 places to go in 2019

It all started with journalist Ceil Miller Bouchet being welcomed as a member of the press in June 2018. Ceil came to Lyon while writing an article for Indagare, an excellent American travel website that offers both very high quality content on travel destinations and an online travel agency.

Ceil fell in love with the destination, its architectural and cultural heritage and its gastronomy. Extraordinary projects, such as the renovation of the Grand-Hôtel-Dieu and the imminent opening of the City of Gastronomy, served to validate Ceil’s decision to suggest Lyon as a “place to visit in 2019” to the New York Times, in September 2018.

The selection of destinations by the New York Times is made during editorial meetings. “We discuss the pros and cons of each suggested destination during a marathon meeting (or two), before making a shortlist. Our main objective is to have a variety of regions and interests, with a few surprises. We also try to create a representative combination, including cities, regions and even entire countries”, indicated the New York Times.

Of course, this selection, which thrusts Lyon into the international spotlight, is a result of the tireless efforts that have been made for fifteen years, by all the stakeholders working to develop the city and enhance its reputation. In the past few decades, Lyon had already taken center stage in Europe, being named the “Best Destination for a City Break in Europe” in 2016.

2019 augurs well, because, in addition to being selected by the New York Times, Lyon has been named “European Capital of Smart Tourism 2019”, and was chosen as one of 10 places to visit by the English newspaper The Independent.

The New York Times has been publishing its selection of 50 places to go for about ten years. Being selected as a place on the list very significantly raises the destination’s profile. The weekend supplement of the New York Times has a circulation of 972,774. And online, nearly 30 million unique visitors per month have access to this information.


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