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“You only live once… Choose not to compromise”: ONLYLYON’s new communication campaign

“You only live once…Life is about making choices, not compromising on things.” For its 10th anniversary, the ONLYLYON brand is repositioning itself with no compromises, based on a simple idea: while Lyon is described time and time again as the ideal “middle ground”, in reality the city enables everyone to blossom in all areas, to live their lives to the fullest. Thus, it is anything but a tradeoff: it is the choice of freedom and fulfillment.

“You only live once… Choose not to compromise”: ONLYLYON’s new communication campaign

Since its launch 10 years ago by the metropolitan area’s key players in the public and private sectors, the ONLYLYON program has played a decisive role in making Lyon a leading European city, helping to strengthen its appeal and its image.

To embody a new ambition and take this drive to a new level, the ONLYLYON brand is today repositioning its communication.

ONLYLYON, because choosing doesn’t necessarily mean compromising

Conversations about Lyon almost always end with the comment that the city is the “ideal compromise” between the city and nature, work and family life, career and quality of life, the sea and the mountains, Paris and the countryside, a human-scale, manageable city and international renown. Yet, if Lyon can help to reconcile all of these dimensions, this means – quite the contrary – that it is the city of no compromises! And that, in the end, by choosing the Lyon metropolitan area, you don’t need to make any concessions regarding your expectations, your projects or your dreams: you can live every aspect of your life to the fullest, without giving anything up. Far removed from the “reasonable” image of compromise, this new positioning casts the city in a rare, very strong new posture: that of a city where balance and fulfillment go hand in hand.

 Lyon’s new positioning

With this in mind, the ONLYLYON brand is today unveiling its new positioning, expressed in this short, engaging manifesto:

You only live once.
Life is about making choices, and not giving up.
Forget the half-ways, the almosts, the in-betweens.
Choose not to compromise,
to make your own ways, to fully live your lives, all of them.
Choose Lyon, Only Lyon.

This manifesto will first be brought to life in a one-of-a-kind video and campaign that break with the typical language of territorial marketing in order to surprise the target audience and whet its appetite.  

 The approach is openly daring and uncompromising: instead of simply showing Lyon itself, it chooses instead to reveal the city through the various ways it is experienced and to take a bold stand. Like the manifesto, which focuses on the life experience that Lyon can offer and touches on the notion of personal development, both the video and the first visuals will revolve around the human being, lifestyle choices, and situations and attitudes of people in the city, before truly revealing Lyon’s true nature. Indeed, Lyon is neither a living museum nor a concept: it is a city that must be experienced, and a part of its beauty and its appeal lies in what it brings to the everyday lives of the people who reside in or visit the metropolitan area.   

Lyon agency Ekno has produced the new communication concept and manifesto, and will supervise the entire campaign. The agency has worked with Dissidentia for the graphic design style guide and the first visuals taken from the film. The drive is being coordinated by teams from various organizations involved in the program (Lyon Metropole, Aderly, CCI, ONLYLYON Tourism & Congresses, ONLYLYON and the City of Lyon).

 This visual rendition of the manifesto and the ad will later be enriched by giving renowned photographers carte blanche, enabling each to express, through their artistry and sensitivity, the notion of fulfillment central to the manifesto. This will help to show Lyon in a new light and reach the broadest possible audience.  

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