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The new communication strategy of ONLYLYON

« You only live once… Choose not to compromise »

"You only live once… Life is about making choices, and not giving up”... For its 10th anniversary, the ONLYLYON brand is repositioning itself uncompromisingly, based on a very simple idea: although Lyon is often described as the perfect compromise, in fact, the city enables everyone to reach their full potential in every way, to live their lives fully. So, Lyon is anything but a compromise: it’s a choice for freedom and fulfilment."

Since it was launched 10 years ago by the main public and private players of the Métropole, the ONLYLYON program has played a decisive role in lifting Lyon to the top ranks of European cities, by boosting its attractiveness and positive image. To set new goals and reach new heights, ONLYLYON is now repositioning its communication strategy.

ONLYLYON: because choosing doesn’t mean settling for less

Conversations about Lyon tend to evoke the notion that the city is “the perfect compromise” between city and nature, work and family life, career and quality of life, oceans and mountains, Paris and the countryside, the right size and an international dimension, and so on. The fact that Lyon can strike a balance between all these things is precisely because it’s the city that doesn’t compromise! Plus, when you choose Lyon, you won’t have to make any concessions about your expectations, plans or dreams. You can live your life fully, without giving anything up. So, contrary to that image of reason and compromise, Lyon’s positioning now reveals its true strength: a city of balance and fulfilment.

To reflect this, ONLYLYON is adopting a new, engaging manifesto:

You only live once.
Life is about making choices, and not giving up.
Forget the half-ways, the almosts, the in-betweens.
Choose not to compromise,
to make your own ways, to fully live your lives, all of them.
Choose Lyon, Only Lyon.

This message will first be conveyed in a distinctive film and campaign, transgressing the conventions of local-area communication strategies, with the aim of surprising and inspiring.



With an assertive, uncompromising angle and point of view, as well: the film doesn’t simply show Lyon itself, but reveals it through different, daring ways of experiencing the city. Like the manifesto, which focuses on the life experience that Lyon can offer, the video and first shots emphasize personal development, life decisions, the situations and attitudes of people in the city, before the city itself is actually revealed. Because Lyon is not a museum city or an abstract concept. It is a living place and, though it is beautiful and attractive, it’s also loved for what it brings to the daily lives of the people who live there and who visit it.

The new sphere of communication, the manifesto and the entire campaign was devised by the agency Ekno, in collaboration with Dissidentia for the graphic charter and the production of the first visuals taken from the film, under the collegial guidance of the various bodies involved in the program: Métropole, Aderly, CCI, ONLYLYON Tourisme et Congrès, ONLYLYON and the City of Lyon.

The video and the visuals of the manifesto will be supplemented each year by renowned photographers who will be given carte blanche to use their artistic inspiration and sensitivity to express the manifesto’s notion of fulfilment. This will keep the campaign fresh and reach a wide audience.

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