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Its history and geographical location have meant that Lyon has always been open to the world, and now this is simply part of its DNA. This aspect is developed by ONLYLYON’s players and partners.

An international destiny shaped by history

In 43 B.C., Lucius Munatius Plancus already had great ambitions for Lugdunum, the colony he founded and erected as the Capital of the Gauls. Reintegrated into the Kingdom of France, the city continued to prosper and from the 15th century onwards, and attracted many foreign investors thanks to the annual fairs and the silk industry. The birth of the printing press, the legacy of collector Émile Guimet, the Lumière brothers’ cinematograph in 1895, and the inventions of the industrial revolution developed Lyon’s international dimension over time. Then, the development of its river port reinforced its legitimacy as a stronghold of international trade.

A lasting legacy

From the architectural revival initiated by Renzo Piano and Jakob & Mc Farlane, to the 15,000 international students at the University of Lyon, the city continues to attract people from afar. Thanks to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and foreign R&D laboratories, Lyon is a flagship for global research and innovation. While Pollutec, Sirha and the Bocuse d’Or bring together professionals from all over the world to showcase excellence in all areas. Cultural festivals such as the Nuits Sonores electronic music festival and various Biennales attract tourists and visitors.

The same is true for the International City of Gastronomy and the city’s many restaurants that cultivate the famous Lyonnais art of living. Lyon is also developing strategic partnerships with other cities in the form of decentralised and bilateral cooperations, such as with Montreal and Frankfurt over the past 40 years. It is also thanks to light that Lyon is now recognised around the world. The city’s flagship event, the Festival of Lights, is a symbol of its rich heritage that enables Lyon to export its expertise to every continent.

A virtuous ecosystem

The international aspect is historically linked to the city’s activity, and continues to be supported by the territory’s actors today. All the players work together to support the economic and academic development of the city as well as its tourism. They are united under the ONLYLYON brand, which has been demonstrating that the people are the region’s greatest strength since 2007.

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International cooperation

International cooperation

The ONLYLYON Ambassadors community around the world

The ONLYLYON Ambassadors community around the world