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Excellence in education

Lyon – France’s favorite city among students

The community of “Université de Lyon” schools and universities offers a wide range of training programs delivered by 4 universities and grandes écoles graduate schools. With its internationally renowned institutions, working closely with top-flight competitiveness clusters, Lyon boasts some serious advantages in the educational sphere.




The Université de Lyon is France’s 2nd largest research and higher education network, after Paris, which makes the city highly attractive for companies. They can find a highly qualified labor force in Lyon.

Indeed,the “Université de Lyon” banner brings together 12 schools, enabling this major university to rank among Europe’s top 10. Its mission is to federate and promote the Lyon/Saint-Etienne area’s high-level research and education expertise.

This university attracts students from all disciplines, thanks to its top-flight schools:

In partnership with other schools in the area, it also offers training:

With a wide diversity of sports activities, cultural events, outings and excursions and thousands of high-quality restaurants, Lyon offers everything for an unforgettable higher education experience.
The ONLYLYON international students’ network is an extension of the Ambassadors’ network. It aims to encourage the exchange and sharing of information, as well as the promotion of Lyon both in France and worldwide.

Want to study in Lyon? Find more information at:

Université de Lyon

Lyon Campus