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Why is France a great destination for your studies?

A high-quality higher education system

France is a very attractive destination for international students, even if you don’t speak French. It is renowned for the high quality of its higher education system and for its very affordable tuition fees for public universities. There, you can study a wide range of subjects including management, international business, corporate finance, physics, chemistry, engineering, foreign languages, etc. During your studies, you will have the opportunity to gain a lot of experience, through internships or block release courses.

A good quality of life

Choosing France is also the best way to enjoy a high quality of life. The country is renowned for its exquisite food, its beautiful landscapes, beaches and mountains. You will have a lot to discover. When you meet new French friends, let them take you to their favourite places, away from the more touristic streets. You will live in France like a local and will explore this fascinating country, its cities and its countryside, full of lesser known landmarks.

French culture

Studying in France will also allow you to discover a country where culture plays an important role. From world-famous museums to impressive cathedrals, not forgetting the charming cities with XIXth-style Haussmannian streets and parks. Exploring this culture will open your mind, an important quality for your career, especially in international companies!

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How to choose where to study in France?

When you come to study in France, you have to decide where to study. There are many student cities, famous for their universities and their private schools, not to mention the many activities for students! How do you choose? Here are some tips to help you!

Choose an affordable city

One of the most important things to consider is: how much can you afford during your studies for your expenses? In France, some cities are more expensive than others. Paris and its region are home to many world-renowned universities, but the cost of living is the highest in France. You can choose to go to another city that is more affordable and has universities that are just as good as those in the capital.

Consider what you want to study

France is a country with many faces. Regions and cities differ in many ways. For example, some cities are renowned for a specific industry, while others have different specialisations. Depending on the sector you want to work in, it is advisable to choose a city where it has a strong presence. For example, Toulouse is well known for its aerospace industry, while Lyon is renowned for its food or textile industries. If you have a specific sector in mind, look for the French city where it is most concentrated!

Study in a city where you can start your career

Studying is one thing, but getting a job is another. What if you could start your career as soon as you graduate? If you choose a city with a strong economy, you are more likely to find a job quickly, or even to be hired by the company in which you made your final internship. Take a look at the job market in the cities you are interested in and try to find a balance between this factor and the affordability of your studies.

Enjoy your student life

There is more to studying than work. It is also the perfect time to enjoy life, to make friends and to try new things! Depending on your tastes and what you like to do, it may have an impact on your choice. For instance, if you love to go to the beach, you can find many cities next to the Atlantic or the Mediterranean. If you like to have access to the best food, you should choose a city that is famous for its gastronomy.

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What is the best city for your studies?

With all these criteria, it will be easier to decide where to study in France. What if we told you that we know the best city for students?

It would be Lyon, without a doubt. It has everything you need:

  • World-famous universities (Jean Moulin University, EPITECH, INSA Lyon, etc.), in which you can graduate in any subject
  • Low prices compared to Paris for the same quality of life
  • A strong economy, with many companies hiring new talents who just graduated
  • Lyon has many activities for all tastes. You can taste the best food in a restaurant and have a drink afterward on the weekend. Or you can enjoy the many museums the city has. Lyon is also perfectly located at the heart of France: you can easily access the mountains (for hiking in summer and skiing in winter) or the beaches of the south. And if you want to visit Paris, it is just 2 hours away by train.
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