ONLYLYON Ambassadors

ONLYLYON today relies on a powerful network of 26,500 Ambassadors, including 5,000 abroad.

Whether they are Lyon natives or people who have adopted the city, living in Lyon or abroad, the Ambassadors, through their activities and their love for the city, help to promote Lyon in France and around the world. This strategic influencer network plays a decisive role in the ONLYLYON program’s activities.

An international network

In all, 13 correspondents organise, develop and manage ONLYLYON communities in Sao Paulo, Sydney, Moscow, Boston, Montreal, Brussels, London, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York and Paris! Detecting opportunities for business, cultural or academic collaboration for the Lyon area, they are vital points of contact for promoting ONLYLYON’s various missions worldwide.

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They support us

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