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Where can you find a job?

The best place to live in France is, obviously, where you can find the job that you want. Your occupation and that of your partner may influence where you will live. If you are a manager or a salesperson, your services will be needed everywhere and you can choose to work anywhere.

But some industries are especially concentrated in specific areas. For example, Toulouse is renowned for aeronautics, while Lyon has a high concentration of companies dedicated to the textile and chemical industries.

Before moving to France, find out where your industry is located and it will help you find the best place to live.

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What weather should you expect?

France is a big country with many different climates. When you ask “what is the best place to live in France”, there is no right or wrong answer, it all depends on what you actually like. If you are looking for sunny weather and want to avoid cold winters, the south is perfect. The historic regions of Provence and Occitania, not forgetting Corsica, are famous for their hot, dry summers and mild winters.

On the other hand, if you like cool weather all year round, the Atlantic coast and the whole of the west of the country are perfect. From the rainy and cool Normandy and Brittany to the warmer Basque Country, there are miles of coastline to explore and find the best place for you.

The further east you go, the more continental the climate becomes. Alsace and the historic region of Franche-Comté have a semi-continental climate, with cold winters and summers that can be either very rainy or hot and dry.

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What is your lifestyle?

Of course, you will have different preferences depending on your lifestyle.

One of the main questions is whether you want to live in a large city, a small town or a tiny village. Large cities have many advantages for you: international schools for your children, a community of expats who can help you in many ways, but small towns also have a lot of charm and are usually cheaper than large urban centres.

The place where you will live also has to meet your personal needs. Life in France can be very exciting. With its vast territory and varied landscapes, there are plenty of things to do. The question is, what kind of leisure activities are you and your family interested in?

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How dynamic is the city?

This is another important question to ask yourself. You probably don’t want to live in a city where nothing ever happens!

Cities always maintain websites where they list all the upcoming and recurring events. Take a look at it and see what the cultural life is like. Large cities tend to have a lot of events and a wide variety of museums with temporary exhibitions.

If you are a sports fan, pay attention to the sports clubs. The French are big football fans and each city has its own team, but there are many other sports you can enjoy: rugby, handball, basketball… You can watch from the stands or even join a club!

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Think about the future

If you are planning to live in France for many years, it is also important to think about how your needs might change. If you plan to have children within a few years, it is important to choose a city where you can find a good school and activities for them. On the other hand, if you plan to move there permanently, try to find a place with good medical care as you get older.

Why is Lyon the best place to live in France?

If you want to move to France, we know the perfect city that has everything you need: Lyon!

  • It has a dynamic and strong economy, with numerous dynamic sectors such as tourism, cleantech, biotechnology, textile industry, food industry, creative industries, logistics and transports…
  • Lyon is close to everything, thanks to its central location in the rail and road networks. You can easily access the southern beaches, the Alps mountains, Paris and many other exciting cities.
  • It is a dynamic city with cultural and sporting events throughout the year. Its museums and heritage are perfect for a weekend stroll to discover ancient art and monuments.
  • If you live in Lyon, you will find all the services you need: schools, universities, all types of doctors, countless shops, all easily accessible thanks to the dense transport network.

Would you like to discover Lyon?

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