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Are you looking for the best country for your career? Have you ever thought about moving to France? The country is made up of many cities that offer a lot of advantages for ambitious professionals who want to boost their career or even start anew by moving abroad. Discover where to work in France!

Enjoy the French joie de vivre

First of all, you may be wondering why you should move to France? By moving there, you will discover the French way of life.

In France, a strong emphasis is placed on work-life balance, with laws that ensure good working conditions. For example, you can enjoy 25 days of holidays per year and the weekly working time is limited to 35 hours (with extra pay for overtime).

French culture also takes food very seriously. Its gastronomy is world-renowned. From the most delicate food to the most popular dishes (not forgetting the cheese), you will enjoy high-quality meals! But France is also a diverse country, with people from all over the world living side by side and restaurants dedicated to almost every possible culinary tradition.

With a long history that has left landmarks throughout its territory and an incredible number of biomes and climates, France is a country with a lot to explore. You can enjoy many activities during your weekends!

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How to find the best city to work in France?

Find a city with a strong economy

Of course, the first thing to consider when looking for a city to work in is to make sure you choose one with a strong economy. In this case, you should look at the largest cities, which tend to have many thriving economic sectors, such as Paris, Lyon or Marseille.

Look for a place that meets your needs

You should also pay attention to the cost of living in France. Some cities are more expensive than others. In France, Paris may sound attractive, but it is also the most expensive city. Other major cities, with the same advantages as the capital, are much more affordable.

Take the time to ponder what kind of services you will need, depending on your situation or life projects. Will you need top schools and universities for your children? What about the transport system? Do you want to live close to large parks?

What will you do outside of work?

Your new life won’t just be about work. What will you do with your evenings and weekends? Some cities have lots of things to do, from restaurants and bars to museums, parks and historical sites to visit. In Lyon, for example, you can find all of the above. Choose a city where you can enjoy life outside of work!

To enjoy France, choose a city that is close to everything

One of the great things about France is that from north to south, there are many different climates and landscapes to enjoy. If you like to travel, choose a city with a central location from which you can enjoy all of France’s incredible diversity.

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Why is Lyon the best city to work in France?

The Lyon region has one of the strongest economies in France. If you work in Lyon, you will have the opportunity to join one of its major economic sectors, such as industry, tourism, food, agriculture, gastronomy, textile industry, cleantech, healthcare industry, etc.

Its efficient transport system, the largest in the country after Paris (4 underground lines, more than 120 bus lines, 2 funicular railways, 7 tram lines) meets the needs of professionals who have to commute every day.

Lyon is also a thriving cultural city, with an ancient heritage dating back to Antiquity and many festivals. Its region has a lot to offer for your weekends, with vineyards, hikes and pretty villages to explore. Its central location makes it easy for you to go skiing in the Alps in winter or to spend a weekend on the beaches of the Mediterranean coast in summer.

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Come and work in Lyon!

As one of the best cities to work in France, Lyon has many advantages for you. Are you interested in moving there? Do you have questions? We are here to help! Fill in the form below and we will get back to you very soon!

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