ONLYLYON Ambassadors

The world is currently going through unprecedented times, and it is leaving some people vulnerable. So, it is more important than ever to know how to come together.

Being together, but also acting together, dreaming together, growing together - in short, showing our pride together.

Ensemble! is:

  • A collection of visuals created by several photographers to illustrate facets of our environment – everyday life, the economy, our natural environment, and family, social and professional circles. The collection will be added to over time
  • A group of Lyon inhabitants from different backgrounds, who convey their vision of our current context and the future
  • A collective of photographers with this mindset, each with a highly personal perspective on the local area
  • A positive, inclusive philosophy

ACT sustainably, starting now.

GROW and adopt new resolutions.

DARE to build projects big and small.

CREATE with our own hands.

DREAM and savour life’s sweetness.

LAUGH, run, jump, sing, dance.

ROAR louder than yesterday, and even louder tomorrow.

EXPERIENCE our city intensely.

BE together at last, quite simply.

Because being and doing together is our strength.

Combining personal motivation with collective ambitions.

Powered more than ever by overflowing desire and energy.



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