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The Festival of Lights worldwide

In 2020, more than 300 of you posted a photo of your candle on social media. This year, we’re challenging you to go even further: for each photo posted, ONLYLYON pledges to buy an e-candle to help non-profit Gaelis support vulnerable students.

OK, let’s do it!

Your ONLYLYON candle

Here’s the drill: download, print and cut out your candle wrap! On the evening of 8 December, wherever you are, bring the Festival of Lights’ colours to your city, courtesy of your candle.

Share your photos

Take a photo of you and your candle, then share your Festival of Lights on social media with #FDL2021worldwide (and be sure to add the hashtag #onlylyon).

Join us on 9 December

The next day, we’ll take you on a world tour of 8 December, thanks to your photos. Start the tour here:

Together, let’s celebrate, share and help out!

Fête des Lumières


Download and print your ONLYLYON cover

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8 December, together!

8 December, together!

While the Festival of Lights is in full swing in Lyon, ONLYLYON Ambassadors and lovers of Lyon all over the world are invited to take part. How? Full details in the video below, or here:

They support us

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