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Lyon is the 3rd largest city in France. It is a major economic and cultural centre and is located at the heart of an attractive region, with vineyards and natural wonders to discover. Do you want to discover the city? Are you even thinking of moving to France? Find out why Lyon could be the best place to settle in the country!

Lyon and its region

Lyon is one of the most dynamic cities in France and its region is full of wonders.

It is located in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, in the eastern part of the country. As one of the country’s main cities, it is also one of the most dynamic, both culturally and economically.

It is a great city for tourism, but also for expats who want to live in France but avoid the high cost of living in Paris. It is close to Italy, Switzerland and Germany, and every major European city is within easy reach of Lyon.

Lyon’s key figures are:

  • 522,000 inhabitants (1,700,000 in the Greater Lyon)
  • 10,909 inhabitants per square kilometre
  • 47.87 km² area

Enjoy a great city with a high quality of life

Whether you plan to work there or come as a tourist, Lyon has a lot to offer!

First of all, it is an ancient city that is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Founded by the Romans in 43 BC, it has a rich history and an incredible heritage. Today, you can discover Lyon through its historical monuments. The Roman period left behind the Ancient Theatre of Fourvière and the Odeon of Lyon. You will also find many religious buildings from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, not forgetting the old Lyon with its charming streets, shops and restaurants. The city lives with its time and contemporary architecture is flourishing, especially in the Confluences neighbourhood with its colourful and surprising buildings.

Lyon is a city that welcomes families. As a large city, it offers all the services you need if you want to raise children, particularly in terms of schools: there are more than 200 kindergartens and elementary schools throughout the city. In the metropolis, you will also find more than 130 middle schools and more than 200 high schools. For young children, there are thousands of nurseries that can take care of them during the day while you are at work.

Lyon is surrounded by beautiful countryside, which you should definitely visit during your weekends. For example, you can visit many vineyards, as Lyon is located in the Vallée du Rhône, which is famous for its wine production. It’s a great place to visit and taste the finest wine (to be consumed responsibly).

There are also many small villages with an authentic charm that you can visit, such as Oingt, with its charming medieval streets and its tower with an unobstructed view over the region. Pérouges is another town with architecture dating back to the Middle Ages, built atop of a hill.

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An economic powerhouse

If you want to work in France, you need to find a place where you can easily find a job. Lyon is one of the most dynamic cities in the country and many important sectors are present, such as:

  • Life sciences and health: Lyon is home to many biotech and pharmaceutical companies such as bioMérieux or Sanofi Pasteur.
  • Cleantech: the development of new technologies for a more sustainable world is one of Lyon’s main economic sectors, with Deltalys and Inevo Technologies.
  • Logistics and transports: thanks to its central location, Lyon is perfectly placed to be a true logistics hub. In fact, the city has the second largest number of logistics facilities in France.
  • Tourism: this is one of the most important sectors. With its incredible heritage and advantageous geographical location, it attracts many tourists. The city aims to develop green tourism.
  • Industry: Lyon has long been an industrial powerhouse in France and it is still an important sector today. If you work in the industry or if you want to set up a business in a city with many local factories, this is a great place to be. Automotive, healthcare, agribusiness and, of course, the historic textile industry are some of the most dynamic sectors in Lyon.

With its strong economy, Lyon offers opportunities for everyone.

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A reasonable cost of living

The cost of living in France tends to be high, as it is a Western European country. Though, the situation within the country is contrasted. While Paris is a very expensive city, Lyon is a large city, with all the advantages that you can imagine, with a much more attractive cost of living. In fact, Lyon is globally 26 % cheaper than Paris.

For example, a 3-room apartment in the city centre costs around €1,456.84 per month, which is 47.2% cheaper than Paris and is:

  • 28.4% cheaper than Seoul,
  • 42.7% cheaper than Sydney,
  • 43.8% cheaper than Tokyo.
  • 64% cheaper than London,
  • 73.8% cheaper than New York,
  • 76.90% cheaper than San Francisco.

As you can see, if you want to move abroad, Lyon is a very attractive city when it comes to real estate.

The cost of living in Lyon in other sectors is:

  • €698.40 per month to rent an apartment in the city centre,
  • €149.44 per month for water, electricity and heating bills for an 85m² apartment,
  • €31.14 per month for an Internet connection,
  • €50.00 for a meal for two in an average restaurant,
  • €9.00 for a menu in a fast food restaurant,
  • €69.40 for a standard monthly ticket for public transport (€25 for students, €23.30 for 11-17 year olds and €9.30 for 4-10 year olds).
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Come to Lyon and its region!

As you can see, Lyon and its region are an excellent choice for you if you are looking for the best quality of life. It is a great place to work and live, with lots of opportunities, activities for you and your family and many schools for your children.

Is your life dream to come and live in France? Find out more about Lyon and why it should be your next home!

Why should you live in Lyon?

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